Links are provided that will lead you to various sources of information that provide regulatory standards for visual aids. These sites include the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) and Canada Ministry of Transport.

FAA Advisory Circulars - Airport Lighting

There are forum sites which one can follow or participate in to get answers. One of the most popular is the Yahoo group for airport lighting. By joining you can learn by reading the mail or participate by asking your own questions or make comments. Follow this link.

This Website desires to present to the viewer as much history regarding the evolution of airport visual aids as we have available. Check our archives section for a number of offerings associated with the history of our expertise.  Included in our offering are copies of early Crouse-Hinds catalogs and documents that depict the way it use to be.  This is an ongoing process and at this time on this site the complete 1929 Airport and Airways Lighting Equipment Catalog and the 1939 Airport Lighting Equipment  Catalog is available for viewing at the following links.